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The parish council receives a copy of any planning application which has been made within the parish, and has 28 days in which to respond.  A decision is generally made at a council meeting where a majority vote is carried. In some instances a decision can be made outside of a council meeting by powers delegated to the Clerk. In this case relevant councillors will be consulted for their opinions. If the council wishes to object to a planning application it can only be done on ‘material grounds’; guidelines for these can be found here.

Advice on applying for planning permission can be found at  This site tells you whether or not you will need planning permission, and how to go about making an application. View planning applications on-line

Summary of last 12 months planning applications

If the parish council objects to a planning application the reasons can be seen by clicking the application reference number.

PC = Parish Council, LD = Lake District National Park Planning Authority

7/2018/5179 – New ground floor utility and first floor balcony, Snows Cottage, Greenodd
7/2018/5087 – Removal of spoil from development site, YMCA, Lakeside
7/2018/5141 – Forestry Track, Rigg Wood, North of High Nibthwaite
7/2018/5067 – First floor extension/alteration, Birch How, Woodlands Close, Lakeside
7/2018/5039 – Installation of EE equipment, Hulleter Little Pastures, Oxen Park
7/2018/5037 – Roof over slurry store, Nibthwaite Grange Farm, Nibthwaite
7/2018/5025 – Demolition of small and unsuitable building provision of large building, Hulleter Farm, Oxen Park
7/2018/5004 – Extension to existing live stock housing, Arklid Farm, Nibthwaite
7/2017/5870 – Non material amendment to previous planning application, YMCA, Lakeside
7/2017/5878 – Roof over existing cattle facilities, Bridge End Farm, Penny Bridge
7/2017/5316 – Raising roof to provide 1st floor accommodation, Low Wood. Lakeside
7/2017/5804 – Change in open season, Black Beck Caravan Park, Bouth
7/2017/5799 – Change of use of domestic annexe to holiday let, The Barn, Bandrake Head
7/2017/5870 – Non-material amendments to planning app 7/2013/5621, Facilities, Lakeside YMCA
7/2017/5749 – Construction of new boathouse with living accommodation – Newby Bridge – PC Object
7/2017/5776 – Dismantle glasshouse and erect aluminium glasshouse – Forest Field, Colton – PC Support
7/2017/5784 – Erection of diary and milking parlour – Tottlebank – Agenda 4th Dec- PC Support
7/2017/5671 – Creation of channel to divert water – Water Park, High Nibthwaite – PC Support
7/2017/5761 – change of use of old farm house to holiday lettings – Oxen Park Farm, Oxen Park – PC Object
7/2017/5692 – Conversion of barn to holiday let – Bandrake House, Bandrake Head – PC Object
7/2017/5630 – Erection of poly tunnel – Land at Fall Style, The Causeway, Bouth – PC Object
7/2017/5665 – Agricultural building – Land adjacent to Thwaite Bridge House, Rusland – PC Object
7/2017/5588 – All year round holiday use of caravans – Black Beck Caravan Park, Bouth – PC Object – Since withdrawn
SL/2017/0687 – Extension of time for wind farm – Kirby Moor (out of parish) – PC Object
7/2017/5642 – Erection of dwelling at former workshop – Rose Cottage, Lakeside – PC Neutral
7/2017/5649 – Roofed structure to cover slurry pit – Nibthwaite Grange Farm, Nibthwaite – Notice of intention only – LD Refused under NOI procedure
7/2017/5384 – Conversion of attic to 3 bed apartment – Stock Park Mansion, Stott Park – PC Object – LD Approved with conditions
7/2017/5397 – Airwave dish and antenna – Arklid Great Wood, Nibthwaite – Notice of Intention only
7/2017/5325 – Improve existing road access – Great Knott Wood, Lakeside – PC Neutral – LD Approved with conditions
7/2017/5388 – Construction of open garage and workshop – 2 Danes Howe, Rusland – PC Support – LD Approved with conditions
7/2017/5334 – Infill of historic quarry to form garden – Buck Yeats Coach House, Lakeside – PC Neutral – LD Approved
7/2017/5329 – Management of a bat roost – Fell Foot Park, Newby Bridge – PC Neutral – LD Approved with conditions
7/2017/5250 – Change of use from agricultural land to residential curtilage – Lilac Cottage, Oxen Park – PC Support – LD Approved with conditions
7/2017/5164 – Proposed garage – Haycote, Bridgefield, Lowick Bridge – PC Neutral – LD Approved
7/2017/5006 – Perimeter bund around Hulleter Moss – Low Hay Bridge, Bouth – PC Object – LD Approved with conditions
7/2017/5001 – Creation of gravelled drive and parking area – Danes Howe, Rusland – PC Support subject to highways approval – LD – Approved with conditions
7/2017/5025 – Installation of tower, antennas, dish and access track – Land East of Arklid Farm, Nibthwaite – PC Neutral – LD Approved with conditions
7/2017/5110 – Replacement of 3 jetties, installation of 1 new – lakeside Hotel, Lakeside – PC Neutral – LD Approved
7/2017/5063 – Modern portal framed feed store – New Close Farm, Oxen Park – Notice of Intention