Off road vehicles – How to report illegal behaviour

Off-Road Vehicles: How to Report Illegal Activity and Bad Behaviour

There are 8 legal routes with vehicular access in Colton Parish: 7 Unclassified Country Roads (UCRs) and 1 By-way Open to All Traffic (BOAT):

  1. The Strands, Rusland Pool – (summer only – a Traffic Regulation Order operates between Oct and May) (U5566)
  2. Force Mills to Thwaite Moss (U5062)
  3. High Ickenthwaite to Nibthwaite Grange (Bletherbarrow Lane) (U5064)
  4. High Ickenthwaite to Oxen Park (Peg Lane) (U5213)
  5. Hulleter to Low Hay Bridge (U5216)
  6. Colton Church to Moss Wood (BOAT/UCR U5203)
  7. Colton Church to Old Hall Lane, Bouth (U5204)
  8. High Nibthwaite to Low Parkamoor (U5051) – this is a ‘no through road’ which ends at High Parkamoor – there is no access into Grizedale Forest.

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Illegal activity includes any excursion off the above routes onto footpaths, bridleways, fields and fellsides, without the landowner’s permission. It also includes the use of motor vehicles on legal routes, where the vehicles are not road-legal (e.g. no number-plates or obscured number-plates).

How to report illegal activity and bad behaviour:

1. Immediate reporting:  Ring 101. To get through to the local police, select option 4 and then extension 1511 or 5319. Please report location and get number plates and descriptions if possible, without placing yourself in danger. If you can safely get pictures, then do.

2. Later reporting; Giving full details of the incident to the police and the National Park. These incidents will be followed up by the police, if sufficient information given, and will also be  logged on the Park’s  Trails Register. Please try to send the following information:

  • Date and time
  • Location description and Grid Reference if possible
  • Whether Footpath, Bridleway, Fellside, route with Traffic Regulation Order, or Other
  • Vehicle description, including type, make and model if possible
  • Vehicle Registration
  • If motorbike, colour of rider’s crash helmet and clothing.
  • Whether registration plate displayed and whether it was clean and visible
  • Description of circumstances and behaviour

Emails with the above information should be sent to the National Park and the Police and copied to Colton PC Clerk